500 Subs on YT!

Thank you so much for subscribing on my YouTube channel, rogerthemidimaniac.

This means really a lot to me and I will keep on grabbing videos.

500 subscribers on YouTube
500 subscribers on YouTube


  1. Hi, Rogers,
    Thanks for and congratulations for sharing all!
    My name is nelson casanova, from portugal, living in switzerland.
    Dj producer, pianiste etc..and I d like to ask if you can help me:

    So I m listening a trak of Dj Thermalbear : “clunk”. In soudcloud or beatport…and I need to know which synthesizer(s) or sampler is that track…
    Please can you say something…?

    1. Author

      Hi Nelson,

      Thank you so much for your comment and your question.
      First: Portugaaaaaal! I live next to Portugal (20 mins drive) and I love that country. (nearest city – Viana do Castelo – NORTE)
      Second: Great tune. Glad that you pointed that out to me 😀 Totally music I like.
      Third: You’re referring to the chord-sound, right? It sounds very familiar to me. I think it’s a sample and I’m already searching in my brains for that song where it is used.
      But in the end it’s a sound that you can recreate. What I mean is the following:
      Sound contains 3 oscillators.
      1 OSC= F -1 Octave
      2 OSC= F
      3 OSC= G#
      For the bass you can use a Sine waveform and for the other two a Saw waveform.
      Then adjust the Envelopes to create the right attack, decay, sustain and release.
      It looks like they’ve used a velocity sensitive freq/res or just by programming the movements.
      But in the end I keep my head spinning to find that sound on another record.
      When I have it I will inform you.

      Thanks again!


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