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Daft Punk's Something About Us - Roger Mooze Replica

Daft Punk's Something About Us - Roger Mooze Replica

Daft Punk’s Something About Us

How it started: Roland VP-9000 Variphrase Processor

As an owner of the Roland VP-9000 Variphrase Processor I was tempted to recreate the sound of the vocals on Daft Punk’s Something About Us because this is what the internet says about this strange sampler. So I grabbed a microphone, studies the chords and started recorded with my Roland MC-50.

On the 18th of January 2018 in the FB-Community Dawless Jammin’ I posted a quick and dirty recording of Daft Punk’s Something About Us.
The reactions were overwhelming for me and that convinced me to complete the song.

Dawless jammin - My first Post
Dawless jammin – My first Post

I just posted it on the community on down below my text.

Hi Group,

First I want to thank you all for the huge support I received. You gave me the energy to completed this! 
Last week I posted a quick and dirty recording of Daft Punk's Something About Us.
My recording was based on the fact that they used a Roland VP-9000 for the vocals and I was curious if I was able to recreate it.

Also I wanted to show that a song like this can be done with a standalone sequencer, in my case the Roland MC-50 (from 1990) without prerecording tracks. Just one song, all sounds, all effects, all tracks together in 1 take.
And I added a challenge to only use the standard sounds of my digital synths/sound modules.

I give you a summary of my used equipment.

Roland VP-9000 for vocals (my own ;-)
Roland MC-50 Sequencer
Roland JV-1080 Velo-wah guitar
Roland JV-1010 Patch 85 SR-JV Vintage Synth
Roland JV-880 Alto Sax
Korg M3R Jazz Guitar
Novation A-Station Rhodes 
Roland TR8 707 drums
Roland VS-1824 Mastering and effects
Korg KP3 Delay4 100 BPM
Behringer MDX2600 Compressor/limiter
Roland SP-808 Vinyl effects
Stanton STR8.150 Rain fx record
Macbook with Quicktime sound recorder for AIFF-creation

Due to your feedback I finally uploaded a video of my work as I am just a hobbyist and lover of synths and samplers from the late 80's/early 90's.
Thank you for listening again.

Have a good one,

Roger Mooze


Check here the Video on Youtube


5 thoughts on “Daft Punk’s Something About Us

  1. nice vp9000 video Roger!

    If you have any more videos with tips/tutorials for the VP9000, that would be awesome as there’s not very much out there

    1. Hi Pete!
      Thank you for comment and your reaction! 🙂
      I will grab soon some videos about the VP-9000 because it’s an amazing machine.
      You can subscribe on my channel to stay up to date.
      Best regards,

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