Roland SP-808/SP-808ex Groovesampler

An underrated gem

The Roland SP-808 Groovesampler is in my opinion an underrated gem. It lost it’s fame due to its unreliable Zip Drive but in the right hands this machine still rocks….AND HARD!!!

On this page you will find downloads and info about this mythical piece of gear. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


100MB Demo Disk Zip Disk – Create your own copy of the 100MB included zip disk. What you need? An external Zip drive connected to your computer and this download. Then just copy the files to a SP-808 pre-formated Zip Disk and you’re good to go.

250MB Demo Disk Zip Disk – Same as the 100MB DEMO disk but now for 250 Zip Drives/Zip Disks. Owners of a 250MB Zip Drive can also download the 100MB Demo Disk  to create also a copy of their own.

SP-808 Upgrade to SP-808ex (316 downloads)  – This is the MIDI file of the e-Mix Studio OS. You can upgrade your black box by sending this file through MIDI.

Upd SMF for Mac (88 downloads) – This piece of program you need to send the files to your SP-808 from your Mac computer

Upd SMF for Windows (108 downloads) – This piece of program you need to send the files to your SP-808 from your Windows computer

Roland A6-MIDI File (115 downloads)  You want to turn your SP-808 in an A6? Well….with this MIDI file you’re good to go.


SP-808 Manual (English) (120 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Manual

SP-808 eMix Studio Manual (English) (171 downloads) – Roland SP-808 eMix studio Manual

SP-808 Service Notes (155 downloads) – Roland SP-808 Service Notes

For Developers

We all want to solve the Zip-drive issue of the SP-808. Some with hardware and other with software. Here you find two downloads with system info of the SP-808ex.

One is the info of a fresh formatted Zip Disk and the other is the *.PRG file. I hope you can do something with it.

SP808VS2 (72 downloads) The fresh Zip Disk Info

SP-808ex .PRG file (60 downloads) The *.PRG file

If someone is good in programming, try the SP-808 Develop Monitor. Hold Locator 3 + Effects above C and turn it on. Now you’re in that mode but I don’t have no idea how to get info from it. Good luck!

General info

Polyphony:           4 Stereo Voices
Sampler:               44.1kHz and 32kHz sample-rates, holds up to 1,024 samples (16 pads x 64 banks)
Sequencer:          64 songs, 2000 events per song
Filter:                   Filter effect: lowpass resonant, low boost; Isolator effect: isolate hi, mid or low bands
Effects:                 GrooveSampler: 99 preset patches, 99 user patches; e-Studio: 25 algorithms, 149 preset patches, 149 user patches
Memory:               100 MB Zip Drive (250 MB in e-Mix Studio)
Control:                 MIDI IN/OUT/THRU, MMC, MTC, MIDI Clock
Date Produced:  1998 – GrooveSampler; 2000 – e-Studio