Roland MV-8000

Roland MV-8000 Production Studio

My studio center piece

Making music without my Macbook is a breeze, regarding playing real keys, turning genuine knobs and having to search for solutions instead of having the sky is the limit. Perhaps I explain myself in the wrong way. What I want to make clear is that I love to play with older gear with their limits. It forces you to dive deeper into the machines. The Roland MV-8000 is for me an example of that journey.


MV-8000 v3.52 Update (51 downloads) This is software version 3.52 for the Roland MV-8000

MV-8000 v3.54 Update (54 downloads) This is software version 3.54 for the Roland MV-8000

Wooden Side Panels

This is an easy plan for creating your own Wooden Side Panels.

Basic Wooden Sidepanels - MV-8000/8800 (75 downloads)

My tutorials

On this page you’ll find links to my Roland MV-8000 videos where you can see me exploring the unit. I’m not a master, pro, all knowing etc. I’m just someone who loves to find things out. I’m not a swiper but more a sniper….focussing on 1 point.

I hope you enjoy the videos 😀