Roland SP-808 Demo Disk 100 MB download

Roland SP-808 Demo Disk 100 MB

When you bought the SP-808 you received also a Demo Disk to start playing immediately when you powered up your new toy. If you are also interested in having the original Demo Disk from Roland, you can download it now yourself and play with the high quality samples, provided by Roland.

How to create your own Demo Disk

First: What do you need to create this Demo Disk?

  1. A SP-808 Sampler of course. Both versions are suitable.
  2. A Zip Disk
  3. An USB Zip-Drive
  4. A Computer (Windows or Mac)

Now how to create this Demo Disk:

  1. Download this zipfile Roland SP-808 Demo Disk 100 MB
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Format a Zip disk with your SP-808
  4. Place the formatted disk in an USB-Zip Drive attached to your computer (
  5. Drag and drop the unzipped files to the Zip Drive (and take a nice cup of coffee)
  6. When the copying is done, eject the Disk
  7. Put it in your SP-808 and you’re good to go wild!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Have a good one.

Roger Mooze

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