SP-808 Bass Sound



Believe me….this can be the real reason to keep your SP-808 since I’ve discovered this amazingly deep 808 Bass sound to play with it. Not sampled…no…just by using the Virtual Analog Synth effect.

It’s deep, it’s fat, it’s playable through a MIDI keyboard or the Step Modulator.

We are always searching for that deep bass in what ever kind of type of music…and we had it in our hands already 20 years ago but it was never discovered. Always complaining about the Zip Drive but meanwhile you had gold in your hands.

Mashup mix

Here a vid with an example of that 808 bass sound. The lows on the samples are turned down to make sure that the bass has its own space.

The Tutorial

Yes! Make that sound yourself by following this tutorial.

Some keynotes:

  • Uses only 1 oscillator
  • No LFO
  • LPF and -24 Slope
  • 18 CutOff – 100 Resonance
  • Filter Envelope: A = 0, D = 20, S = 0, R = 45
  • Initial Gain: 0
  • Envelope Depth: A = 0, D = 70, S = 0, R = 75
  • ┬áNo Delay and No Chorus

Adjust the sound the way you like!

Good luck!



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