Thank you so much!

Sin palabras/no words

Strange…I start this post with the words ‘Sin palabras/no words’ but I already know that I’m going to use words to describe my feelings and to thank you.

Anyway, I want to say thank you to all the people who are following me on Youtube, on Facebook, visitors of the website and the people who are sending me emails with compliments, tips and even gifts. Yeah…gifts…yesterday I received artwork from a follower who does some design in his spare time. How cool is that? See here below!

Design by Stanisa
Design by Stanisa

It is a real honour to receive all the positive feedback on my ‘work’. Yeah…it is not work, it is pure love for the gear I have.


In January this year (2018) I had to go to the hospital due pain in a certain area. When the doctor was examining me through an echo I was thinking by myself ‘What if they now say that it is something bad? I’m 44 years old, have a lovely wife, three cool boys, we live in a beautiful area. Could this be the beginning of the end?’. At that moment I realised more than ever that now is the time to share my experience, my love and my dedication to this old digital gear. At home I grabbed my first video and I uploaded it and shared it with the world. The result was that the doctor said that I had an chronicle infection and that I would need treatment. Last Tuesday (17th of April) the final result was that the infection has disappeared and that I’m dismissed from the Hospital. A relief and meanwhile happy with what I’ve started.


When I reached 100 subscribers I was soooo happy! Those subscribers are following me because of my content. In 3 months I reached 8.000 views, 20.000 minutes watch time, 357 likes and 165 subscribers. I received reactions from Paolo from Synth Mania, from Arnold Marshall, Gearfacts is following me and of course all of you, the DIE-HARD users of the machines I use in my videos. Based on this all I’ve set the goal to upload 100 vids in half a year and I would like to reach 500 subscribers in 6 months. So the quality and the information should be good.


I will keep on doing this because of the energy you all give me. Thanks again and we stay in touch!





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