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V-Synth, V-Synth XT, VC-1 and VariOS

V-Synth / V-Synth XT / VariOS

A few years ago I bought the Roland VP-9000 and I was impressed by the VariPhrase functionality. On my website you will find more info about the the VP-9000.

In 2020 I sold the VP and bought the VariOS to play with VariPhrase again but in a better way. Well…I needed a computer for that and by accident someone gave me an broken windows computer. I replaced the DRAM and the HDD and suddenly I had a working XP computer. An excellent unit for the machines I have in my studio, although I don’t like to work with computers for my music #hardwareonly.

As promised in the FB-Group: Roland V-Synth users here the links to the ISOs of 3 original CDs
Here a link to the ISO of the VariOS-disc.
Here a link to the ISO of the VC-1-disc.
Here a link to the ISO of the V-Synth/V-Synth XT-disc

Perhaps this info can be found on other sites too, but it’s just to have it here too ;D


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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing ! Any chance to get a vc1 as Well as vc2 card cloned like you done with varios8 and varios303? Any tips to find vc1/vc2 at cheaper price?

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